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The RBSA is a non-profit baseball and softball organization serving the Marysville school district and surrounding communities.  We offer a recreational atmosphere focusing on fundamentals.  Our goal is for the kids in the program to become better ball players as individuals, but also focusing on a team environment.  We are supported by local businesses and donors to make our program a success and you can find a list of those businesses and donors are listed at the bottom of the page.

Meeting Minutes

RBSA Meeting 8/28/2022 

The meeting was called to order by Beth Ardrey. In attendance at today’s meeting were as follows: Beth Ardrey, Tamie Gordon, Cecily Blankenship, Katie Boggs, Ashlei Nelson, and Theresa Lent.  

Treasurer’s Report- Tamie Gordon – Current Bank Balance 15,008.63 

Old Business: 

Pool Party – over summer it went great but will try to get word out sooner of event next year.  

Tournaments- spring league softball tournaments were held at RSBA fields, we had one problem involving a coach from a non-Raymond team but other than that, it went smooth.   

Concessions- a clean out of extra inventory was done post season.  

New Business: 

Fall Softball League- well underway and going great!  

Adult Co-ed League- only one week left- possibility of doing more of this in the future 

New dirt on fields- field #1 had Washington Clay mix placed right after spring season ended, it’s drainage has been a lot better. Beth Proposed adding the same mix to fields #2 and #3. Voted- yes' have it. The Washington Mix has been approved for fields #2 and #3. Total Cost to do that would be around 2252.00  Before placing new dirt, we want to adjust the grass line on field #2 behind 2nd base, it needs moved back.  We’d also like to try to put existing extra dirt on field #4. 

Rules to discuss with MJBSA 

Tball- set days for Tball games more consistency here. Considering lowering our Tball Fees. (Maybe only doing a T- shirt for uniform?) 

8U BB- adjust to 3 swings instead of 5.  want to lose the “wild pitch” last ball rule. Have coaches make sure they are keeping players out of baseline  

8SB- Clarification on Overthrow (follow tourney and fall ball rule) infield player stops play rather than pitcher. Also want to add something about coaches not asking for ball before play is complete.  

10 SB- Leave on pitch- no stealing home under any circumstances, clarification on stealing second base if there is an overthrow, coach pitches must be flat, make reasonable effort to avoid being HBP.  

10 BB-adopt a few traditional walks- leave elevated mound clause  

 2021 season lookback- 

Field prep and Maintenace 

Looking into Cory Blankenship building a lean-to around field #2 so we can store field set up equipment to help game prep easier. 

Our 10U struggled with getting parents to help with field prep- this led into a discussion about needing someone from each team to be a Team Mom- this position would do the following: Coordinate parents to help with field prep, concession shifts, snack duties and help in dugout.  Get them a team shirt?  

Umpire pay scale discussed- approved 

Equipment- Balls and possibly look into smaller size of catcher's equipment for  6U/ 8U- Cecily says she has a smaller chest guard- will let us know brand and we can look into it. 

Dug outs on fields #1 and #2 still need painted- Set up beautification day on Oct. 2 from 10-2. Plan to paint dug outs – Field #1 with Masonry paint – only on block portion  blue on block and white on roof- wood being stained or painted?   Pavers around flower bed  

Concessions- Need more parent participation- maybe Team Mom position will help take some work off of concession managers 

Hog Roast- Went fantastic! Maybe add a smaller bounce house for littles, liked the vendors and décor.  

Hard end date for registration! Do not open registration early, open middle of January and close Last day of Feb.  



13U- fees need to go up- we lost money here. $110 per player but include hitting and pitching clinic in cost.  

Logo- Re-design needed and approved – Beth to Re-design 

2023 changes 

Coaches Clinic before season starts- maybe bring in travel coaches to help go over drills  

Weekly coaching email ideas  

Projected timeline for coaches from the beginning of season 

Equipment turn-in needs to be more organized  

2023 RSBA Board nominations and confirmation 

President- Beth Ardrey (2nd by Katie Boggs) 

Vice President Cory Blankenship (2nd by Tamie Gordon) 

Treasurer- Tamie Gordon (2nd by Theresa Lent) 

Secretary- Sierra Mathys (2nd by Ashlei Nelson) 

Baseball Commissioner- Ben Krech (2nd by Sierra Mathys) 

Softball Commissioner- Theresa Lent (2nd by Cecily Blankenship) 

Director of Umpires- Katie Boggs (2nd by Beth Ardery) 

Director of Field Maintenance- Matt McMahan (2nd by Kaie Boggs) 

Field Crew – Shannon Carey, Stan Lent and Roderick Ardrey (2nd by Tamie Gordon) 

Directors of Concessions- Cecily Blankenship and Ashlei Nelson ( 2nd by Sierra Mathys) 

Social Chair- Whole Board  

Next Meeting at 9am on October 2, 2022- just before beatification day 

Motion to adjourn- Beth (2nd by Tamie Gordon) 


Raymond Baseball & Softball Association

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Raymond Baseball & Softball Association

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Email: [email protected]
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