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8U Softball Rules

1.   The age limit shall be 8 years old and younger, but not 9 before January 1.

2.   All head coaches are REQUIRED to complete and pass a certified concussion training course.
     A.   Coaches must keep a copy of their concussion certificate on their person during all practices
      and games.

3.   Pitching distance shall be 35’ from the front of the pitching rubber to the back point of home
      plate. An 8’ radius shall circle around the mound.
     A.   Player Pitcher shall begin play standing within the circle and in-line TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT of
      the pitching rubber.
     B.   Coach Pitcher must pitch with at least 1 foot in contact with the pitching rubber.
     C.   Coach Pitcher must pitch underhand.

4.   Base distance shall be 60’ between bases.

5.   Game balls shall be provided by the home team. Must use 11” optic yellow softballs.

6.   Umpire will be used during tournament games only. Umpire will be provided by tournament host.
     A.   P.O.I ~ Coaches shall use the honor system when making out/safe calls during regular season

7.   All umpires are REQUIRED to complete and pass a certified concussion training course.
     A.   Umpires must keep a copy of their concussion certificate on their person during all games.

8.   The HOME scorebook is the official scorebook.

9.   The HOME scorebook will be the official timekeeper.
     A.   The umpire will be the official timekeeper during tournament games.

10.   A regulation game shall consist of 6 complete innings, except in the case of a called game
       where 3 complete innings shall constitute a complete game.
     A.   P.O.I. ~ Tournament play: 3 complete innings constitute a complete game if game ends early due
     to weather and/or any unforeseen circumstance.

11.   Tied games shall be settled by playing extra inning or innings.
     A.   P.O.I. ~ The International Tie Breaker will be used for all extra-inning games. The last
      batter from the previous inning will start on 2nd base. This is not sudden death. Both teams bat.
     B.   P.O.I. ~ Provided time has not expired. If time has expired, then it’s a tie.

12.   All games shall start no later than 7:00 p.m. (No lights) and no later than 9:00 p.m. (With

13.   All games shall have a 1:30 finish the inning time limit. No new inning can start after 1:30
      from the start of the game. The game “start time” shall begin at the time of the 1st warm up pitch
      by the Visiting team pitcher. If the time limit is reached during an inning, then that inning shall
      be completed. If the home team is ahead when the time limit elapses, then the bottom half of the
      inning does not need to be completed or played at all. The "start time" of the new inning begins at
      the time of the last out of the previous inning.
     A.   P.O.I. - Game is considered complete if time limit expires before 3 innings are completed.
     B.   P.O.I. ~ Tournament games will have a 1:30 finish the inning time limit throughout the
     •    Exception ~ There will be NO time limit for the championship game.
    C.   P.O.I. ~ Tournament play will follow the same game time/score format as the regular season.
    D.   P.O.I. ~ Tournament games must have a winner. Tied games shall play extra inning(s) until a
      winner is determined.

14.   The clock shall continue to run thru any play stoppages due to Thunder, Lightning, Injury, or
      any unforeseen circumstance.
     A.   P.O.I. ~ If it is expected to be a prolonged delay, and 3 or more innings have not been
      completed, it is recommended the game be suspended at the point of interruption and resumed at
      another point in time.
     B.   P.O.I. ~ If a game clock expires, no matter how many innings have been completed, the game
      will be considered complete. If the home team did not get an equal number of turns at bat, the
      score shall revert to the last completed inning.

15.   Any game suspended due to Thunder, Lightning or other weather shall be resumed at the point
      of interruption at an agreed upon date and time by the coaches.
     A.   P.O.I. ~ If 3 or more innings have been completed then the game shall be declared a complete

16.   A lineup card containing the name of players and subs must be completed by each team and
       exchanged with the opposing coach prior to the start of the game.

17.   Free substitution shall be observed on defensive positions. All team members present at the
      beginning of the game shall be in the batting order.
     A.   No out will be taken in the spot of any player that was removed for whatever reason.
     B.   Any player removed from the game for any reason may re-enter the game at any time.
     •    Player must re-enter into their original batting order position.

18.  Subs must play 6 consecutive defensive outs.

19.   A team may start the game with 9 players. However, if a team has only 8 players, the game may
       still be played. If the game starts with 8 players the coach has the following 2 options before
       starting the game:
    1. Playing the entirety of the game with only 8 players and not receiving an out for the vacant
    batting position. OR 2. Taking an out for the missing batting position and then placing a late
    arriving player in that position once they arrive. This must be decided on before the game starts.
    The umpire and opposing coach must be notified of such.
     A.   P.O.I. ~ Late arriving players may be added to the bottom of the lineup and subbed into the
     •    Exception ~ If the 8-player rule is being used then the player will have to sit out the game.

20.   A team beginning a game with 9 or more players may end a game with 8 players.
     A.   No out will be taken in the vacant spot.
     B.   A team beginning with or being reduced to 7 players shall declare a forfeit.

21.   Courtesy runner may be used for the Catcher only at any time. Must use the last out in your

22.   The batter’s helmet with a face protector mask is required. Player base coaches must wear a
      batting helmet with a face protector mask. Adult base coaches do not have to wear a helmet. The
      souvenir type plastic helmet is prohibited for any use.

23.  2022 Legal Bats:
     A.   Bats shall be stamped with either the ASA 2000, ASA 2004, USA Softball Certified or USA
      Softball certification mark and not be on the ASA/USA non-approved list which can be found at
     B.   Any bat with the USA Baseball stamp is to be considered a legal bat. This includes the 2 5/8”

24.   The penalties for using bats not approved will be as follows: 1st offense using an unapproved
      bat is the bat will be removed from the playing field but kept within umpire’s view; the runners
      return to the previous base; the batter is out. 2nd offense will be the same as for 1st offense
      with the following addition: player using any illegal bat will be ejected from game. 3rd offense will be
      same as other 2 with the following addition: team using any illegal bat will forfeit the game.

25.   All players must wear a uniform shirt. The remainder of the uniform shall consist of baseball
      pants or athletic shorts. Cleats or tennis shoes are acceptable footwear.

26.   Jewelry is permitted unless deemed distracting and/or unsafe by the coaches.
     A.   The umpire shall decide if jewelry is distracting and/or unsafe during tournament play.

27.  Metallic spikes on playing shoes are prohibited.

28.   The catcher shall wear full catching gear consisting of a catcher’s helmet with throat guard
      (hockey style masks with elongated throat protector frame are acceptable), chest protector and shin

29.   All players who warm up the pitcher at home plate must wear a catcher’s helmet with throat
      guard (hockey style masks with elongated throat protector frame are acceptable).

30.   Leadoffs are permitted once the ball leaves the coach-pitchers hand.
     A.   Leadoffs will be limited to 3 steps from the base.
     B.   Advancement of runner is not permitted on throwback from catcher to pitcher.

31.  Stealing is not permitted.

32.   Runners may not advance until a batted ball is put into play.

33.  Sliding is allowed.
     A.   Runners are never required to slide, but if a runner elects to slide, the slide must be legal.
      Runners cannot create malicious contact. If malicious contact is created, then runner shall be
      declared out.

34.  Bunting is not permitted.

35.  The infield fly rule shall not apply.

36.   A maximum of 4 runs may be scored during any half inning of a game. The offensive team’s turn
      at bat is concluded after 3 putouts or after 4 runs have scored, whichever occurs first. Any
      runners that touch home after the 4th run is scored on the same batted ball will count towards the
      team offensive team score. Same rules apply though once the ball has entered the circle under
      control the runners may no longer advance.

37.   The game will be played up to the 90-minute mark if the game is out of reach or the home team
      is winning when time expires, game is over.

38.   When an overthrow occurs trying to force out the batter-runner at first base, even if the
      ball remains in play, ALL runners may advance 1 base only (at their own risk – advances are not
      automatic) regardless of if the errant throw is returned directly to the “player-pitcher” or if a
      play is made on an advancing runner at any base. The intent of this rule is to encourage defensive
      players to make the correct plays and not throw routinely fielded balls immediately to the pitching
      circle to stop play.

39.   Failure to hit a fair ball in 5 pitches constitutes a strikeout.
      A.   P.O.I. ~ If batter fouls off the 5th pitch, then the at-bat may continue until batter either
      hits a fair ball or swings and misses or does not swing at subsequent pitch. In short: at-bat
      continues if batter continues to foul off last pitch.

40.   The coach that is pitching to the girls, may not coach the batters while in the box.

41.   The defensive team shall consist of a player pitcher (in addition to the coach pitcher),
      catcher (catcher must be used regardless of if 8, 9 or 10 players are used), 4 infielders and 4
      outfielders. Outfielders must be a minimum of 15’ behind the bases.

42.   A halfway mark must be placed on all base paths. Possession of ball by “player-pitcher”
      inside of circle stops play and all runners must return to previous base if not past the halfway
      mark when this occurs.

43.   A batted ball that touches the coach who is pitching shall be declared a dead ball. Play
      resumes at previous count on the batter and base runners must return to the base they were
      occupying prior to the play.

44.   Any time a thrown ball touches “coach-pitcher” the play is dead, and runners cannot advance.
      After batted ball is in playing field the “coach-pitcher” should exit the playing field on the
      opposite side of the field. The “coach pitcher” may only return to the circle after the play is
      called dead.

45.   Players and /or spectators are prohibited from standing within a 10-foot area extending
      behind the backstop. People in that area must be seated. Coaches and umpires need to enforce rule.

46.   Coaches may NOT borrow players laterally from another Div. D team. The opposing coach must be
      notified of the situation before the game starts.

47.   During DCGS tournament play coaches may borrow players from a T-Ball team from within their
      own organization in an emergency if team does not already have a game scheduled that day. Players
      must play for the team they are rostered on if a tournament game is scheduled and played. Players
      may NOT be borrowed laterally from another Div. D team.

48.   Team rosters complete with birth dates must be submitted to the Delaware County Girls
      Softball President a minimum of 14 days before the first game of the season.

49.   Additions to rosters for new move-in residents may be made any time up to and including May
      31 of the current season. Any additions MUST be approved by Delaware County Girls Softball.

50.   Any team using an ineligible player shall forfeit all wins acquired while that player was on
      the team roster and/or used in a game. If age is questioned, satisfactory proof shall be furnished.

51.   Any person demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct ~ such as throwing a bat or any equipment in
       anger, using abusive or profane language, or making unnecessary violent contact ~ shall be
       immediately ejected from the game and the confines of the ballpark.

52.   Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for the remainder of the game.
     A.   Repeat offenders will be dealt with on an individual basis.

53.   Any coach ejected from a game will be suspended for the remainder of the game and the
      following game as well.
     A.   Repeat offenders will be dealt with on an individual basis.

54.   Smoking is not permitted on the playing field or in dugouts.

55.   Designated coaches in dugout area will consist of 2 base coaches, 1 dugout coach, 1 coach
       pitcher and 1 scorekeeper.

56.   No defensive coaches shall be allowed on the field during play.]

57.   Speed Up Rules: To speed up play, all teams will abide by the following:
      A.   Defense: Coach-Pitchers will be permitted to throw 5 warm-up pitches in the 1st inning they
       pitch and only 3 warm-up pitches in subsequent innings.
      B.   Defense: There will be NO infield/outfield balls after the 1st inning.
      C.   Teams may supply if requested an adult to back up the catcher and help retrieve passed balls.

56.   If a regularly scheduled game cannot be played due to special circumstances (i.e., School
       and/or 4-H camps and an activities) and the opposing team has been contacted at least 2 weeks prior
      to game. In Canceled game situations, both coaches should make the best effort to get game

57.   For a team to be eligible to play in the DCGS year end tournament, teams must record at least
       8 games played.

58.   DGCS tournament at the end of the year will be a BLIND DRAW double elimination tournament.
       All regular season games are played for experience and sportsmanship of all girls. The Blind draw
       tournament allows us to play all teams and have the best two still face off in the end. P.O.I.
      While coaches are encouraged to play competitively during the regular season, it is important to develop
      all players as you may not know who is available for the year end tournament.

59.   Home team in winners’ bracket and in first round of last chance bracket will be determined by
      a coin flip. Once the bracket has begun on the last chance side, the team that remained in the
      winning bracket longer will have the choice of home or away. All games where teams are equally
      seated by advancement will be determined by a coin flip.

60.   Once the tournament draw is complete; all teams will be expected to compete at their
      scheduled time. If a team cannot play for any reason, then it will be considered a forfeit. If both
      teams cannot play, then both will forfeit.

61.   There shall be NO protests during regular season games.

62.   Roster protests are permitted at any game but must be addressed before the game starts.

63.   Any other protest allowed during the DVCS. Tournament only. Coach shall inform the umpire of
     intent to protest. Game and game clock shall stop immediately. The DCGS Tournament Director (or
     assigned representative) shall be summoned to hear protest. A $50.00 protest fee shall be paid in
     cash before protest can be heard. Fee is refundable if protest is ruled in plaintiff’s favor. Game
     and game clock shall resume as soon as the protest is concluded.

64.   The host tournament site, in conjunction with the DCGS President, reserves the right to alter
     the tournament format due to weather and/or any unforeseeable circumstance.

65.   Rules not covered herein shall be referred to the Ohio High School Athletic Association rule


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